Bax Cable-50″ Black T2


BaX is a true high end reference cable consisting of very thin and ultra-strong silver plated copper cable. BaX conveys music with precision and grace while the lightweight cable disappears on your ear, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


T2 Connector: Designed and patented by estron a/s. The focal point of the T2 connector system is minimum wear on the socket part, which ensures the longest possible product lifetime for earphones and IEMs. This T2 connector system is a well proven alternative to the standard MMCX and 2Pin connector solutions.

Compatible Models: Made for Westone Audio MACH Series, ProX Series, and compatible with all custom series monitors that feature a T2 connection.


Tech Specs
Termination: 3.5 TRS (90° angled)
Silver plated copper litz wires
Double-twisted cable – 84 strands
Weight: 5-6g / 0.18-0.2oz
Length: 127 cm/50”
Impedance: 1.50 Ω
Pull strength of cable: 60 N/13lbs
Microphonics: Very low


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Bax Cable-50″ Black T2