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Experience the pinnacle of audio performance with the Westone Audio ES60, the ultimate custom in-ear monitor for discerning musicians and audiophiles. With six balanced armature drivers in each earphone and a multi-stage crossover design, the ES60 delivers unparalleled sonic purity and detail that will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Crafted with precision and care, the ES60s fit your ears for superior noise isolation and a comfortable, secure fit. Whether you’re a professional musician, music enthusiast, singer, guitarist or sound engineer, the ES60 is the perfect choice for the ultimate listening experience.

Get ready to immerse yourself in pure, unadulterated sound with the Westone Audio ES60. Order yours today and take your listening experience to the next level.


Westone Elite Series ES60 Custom In-Ear MonitorsThe Westone Audio ES60 In-Ear Monitor represents the culmination of everything we’ve learned about in-ear monitor technology since we brought our first custom monitors to market in 1996. Designed for the professional musician or music enthusiast, the Westone Audio proprietary flex-canal gives the user the most comfortable in-ear monitor on the market today.

Custom 6-way Earphones for Serious Audio Professionals


The Westone Audio ES60 In-Ear Monitor represents the pinnacle of in-ear monitor technology, designed for professional musicians and discerning audiophiles seeking the ultimate listening experience.

Hand-Sculpted Custom Fit Process

The ES60 leverages Westone’s meticulous custom fit technology to achieve a truly personalized in-ear monitor experience. Each earpiece starts with impressions made of the unique contours of the wearer’s ears. These impressions are then used by Westone’s artisans to hand-sculpt and polish custom earpieces that precisely match the user’s anatomy. This labour-intensive process results in the most comfortable, secure fit imaginable, along with maximum noise isolation. By custom tailoring each ES60 monitor to the individual, Westone delivers an unmatched acoustic seal for sensational in-ear audio immersion.

Unparalleled Audio Precision with 6-Way Balanced Armature Drivers

At the heart of the ES60’s exceptional audio performance are six precision-tuned balanced armature drivers per earpiece, each dedicated to a specific frequency range. This advanced 6-way multi-driver design, powered by a multi-stage crossover network, enables the pristine reproduction of every sonic detail. Balanced armature drivers are significantly more compact and efficient than traditional dynamic drivers. This allows the ES60 to deliver enhanced clarity, expansive frequency range, and lifelike dynamics that far exceed typical in-ear solutions. With pinpoint accuracy across the entire musical spectrum from deep, rumbling bass to sparkling treble, the ES60’s hex-driver configuration provides unparalleled audio precision for a supremely realistic listening experience.

Flex Canal: Custom Comfort with Flex Canal Technology

Westone’s innovative Flex Canal design ensures all-day wearing comfort while providing a secure fit. The ES60 earpieces incorporate a unique thermally reactive canal additive that maintains rigidity during initial insertion. Once warmed to body temperature, the canal material softens for an incredibly comfortable and personalized fit. This semisoft compound adapts to the contours of your ear canal, creating a superior acoustic seal for effective noise isolation. Whether you’re on stage or in the studio, the ES60’s flexible canal additive enhances comfort while blocking external noise for an immersive listening experience.

Cold Pour Acrylic: Premium Construction with Cold-Pour Acrylic

The Westone Audio ES60 earpiece housings are crafted from cold-pour acrylic, resulting in superior structural integrity and acoustic performance. Unlike injection molding, the cold-pour technique produces thicker, more resilient enclosures. This enhances durability while also creating a robust acoustic environment optimized for balanced armature drivers. The cold-pour acrylic process also gives the ES60 earpieces a smooth, polished aesthetic. You can expect both stunning sound and visual appeal thanks to the ES60’s cold-pour acrylic housing construction.

Dual Bore: Natural Sound Delivery with Dual Bore Technology

The ES60 utilizes Westone’s signature Dual Bore technology to deliver incredibly natural and realistic sound. Separate high and low frequency sound ports prevent audio crossover interference within the earpiece. This allows the distinct frequency ranges to seamlessly sum only after entering your ear canal. Moreover, the Westone ES60’s semisoft flex canals provide a secure yet comfortable fit, while the cold-pour acrylic housings offer durability. Together, these technologies enhance acoustic performance. By isolating highs and lows and optimizing fit, the ES60’s Dual Bore design produces exceptionally smooth, nuanced, and natural audio. You’ll experience richer tones, realistic dynamics, and a more immersive listening experience.

User-Replaceable EPIC Cable for Enhanced Durability

The ES60 ships with Westone’s premium EPIC replaceable cable, engineered for strength, flexibility, and audio transparency. Constructed using ultra-low resistance tinsel wire reinforced with aramid fibre, the EPIC cable is both robust and highly flexible. The wires are braided and sheathed in a durable casing for unparalleled resilience, optimized ergonomics and noise isolation. Westone’s EPIC cables are designed to stand up to constant use and abuse on stage or in the studio. Should the cable become damaged, it can be easily swapped out via the MMCX Audio connector. The user-replaceable EPIC cable offers convenience while providing exceptional acoustic properties and reinforcement against mechanical wear and tear.

Precision Custom Fit for Ultimate Noise Isolation

The ES60 leverages Westone’s patented flex-canal design to achieve a personalized fit and unmatched noise isolation. Each earpiece is meticulously crafted by hand based on impressions of the unique contours of your ears. This custom molding process allows for a precisely sculpted fit that maximizes both comfort and acoustic performance. By perfectly sealing the ear canal, the Westone ES60’s bespoke earpieces block up to 25 dB of external noise, even during rigorous activity. Experience supreme comfort and immersion with the ES60 thanks to Westone’s artisanal approach to custom in-ear monitor design. Forget about outside distractions and enjoy pristine audio clarity, even in noisy environments.

Durable Construction with Premium Components

The removable EPIC cable utilizes high-quality copper wiring reinforced with aramid fibre for ultimate durability and noise isolation. With meticulous American craftsmanship and premium components, the ES60 exemplifies Westone’s commitment to audio excellence.

Ideal for Critical Listening

The ES60’s neutral sound signature is ideal for studio engineers, guitarists, vocalists, and purists seeking reference-quality audio reproduction. Experience sound as the artist intended with the Westone Audio ES60 in-ear monitors. Perfect your stage and studio performances while enjoying supreme comfort.

Experience the Westone Audio ES60 Monitors

  • More neutral sound signature with a flatter response
  • Better for singers, guitarists, and engineers
  • ES80 is perfect for pure mastered music as well as performing

Download the ES60 Spec Sheet here.

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Westone Audio ES60 Earphones