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Elevate your auditory experience with Westone Audio’s ES80 IEM, the brand’s crowning jewel, featuring eight finely-tuned balanced-armature drivers. Revel in unprecedented clarity, rich harmonics, and dynamic sound in a durable custom-fit earpiece crafted from cold-pour acrylic. Tailored for audiophiles and music professionals, the ES80 boasts Custom-Fit Technology, Flex Canal for comfort, Dual Bore for enhanced sound, and Precise Acoustic Symmetry. Custom assembled, it also offers industry-leading noise isolation and comes with a high-fidelity MMCX Audio™ Twisted Cable. Experience the pinnacle of in-ear audio with the ES80.


Westone ES80 In Ear MonitorsDiscover Unmatched Sonic Brilliance with the Westone Audio ES80 Elite Series

Immerse yourself in the epitome of auditory excellence with the Westone Audio ES80, the shining star of the Elite Series. Specifically engineered as musician’s monitors, the ES80 is a revelation in sound that must be heard to be believed.

At the heart of the ES80 lies eight masterfully-tuned balanced-armature drivers, meticulously integrated through an impeccable crossover design. This combination unlocks an unparalleled clarity and an extended harmonic content that sets a new benchmark for custom-fit earpieces.

What makes the ES80 truly exceptional is its adeptness in rendering the dynamic lows with thunderous vigor, making it an indispensable companion for on-stage performances. Musicians will find themselves enveloped in the rich textures and depths that the ES80 effortlessly reproduces.

But the prowess of the ES80 doesn’t end there. For the audiophiles, it brings to life the most detailed highs with a finesse that is nothing short of poetic. The shimmering trebles are delivered with a clarity and precision that is unmatched.

In essence, the Westone Audio ES80 Elite Series combines the best of both worlds for musicians and audiophiles alike. With its custom-fit earpiece ensuring comfort and an acoustic seal, it is not just an earphone but an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Step into a world where every note is a masterpiece, with the Westone Audio ES80 musician’s monitors.

The clarity and extended harmonic content of the ES80 has never been heard before in a custom-fit earpiece.

Unveiling the Cutting-Edge Features of Westone Audio ES80

Tailored to Perfection with Custom-Fit Technology
Westone Audio’s Custom-Fit Technology takes personalization to the next level. Each earpiece is cast, sculpted, and polished by hand using the actual impressions of your ears. This ensures an unparalleled fit and acoustic seal, tailor-made just for you.

Experience Sonic Excellence with Balanced Armature Drivers
The proprietary balanced-armature drivers of Westone Audio are engineered to deliver enhanced sonic detail and an extended frequency range, surpassing the capabilities of standard in-ear solutions.

Ultimate Comfort with Flex Canal Material
The Flex Canal material is designed to react to your body temperature, adapting to the contours of your ear. This innovation ensures increased comfort and an improved acoustic seal.

Robust and Luxurious Cold Pour Acrylic Shells
The earpiece shells are crafted using a cold pour acrylic process, resulting in a thicker and more robust acoustic enclosure. This not only enhances durability, but also adds a touch of luxury to the appearance.

Immersive Sound Transition with Deep Open Bore Design
The Deep Open Bore design is a breakthrough that ensures a seamless transition between the monitor mix and ambient sound. This innovation also contributes to enhanced comfort and an optimal acoustic seal.

Precision Engineered for Acoustic Symmetry
The ES80 boasts Precise Acoustic Symmetry, with left and right earpiece responses meticulously matched to an extraordinarily tight +/- 2 dB tolerance, ensuring balanced and harmonious sound.

Uncompromised Audio Fidelity with ALO Audio Reference 8 Cable
The ALO Audio Reference 8 Cable, featuring eight braided silver-plated copper and OCC copper wires, is designed to deliver intense musical resolution and exquisite inner detail.

Artisanal Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail
Westone Audio takes pride in the craftsmanship of its products. Each unit is assembled with precision and care by a team of dedicated artisans and lab technicians, ensuring quality and performance that is second to none.
With these state-of-the-art features, the Westone Audio ES80 stands as a testament to innovation, craftsmanship, and unparalleled audio experience.

The ES80 features eight masterfully-tuned, balanced-armature drivers that are crossed over to perfection!


Revel in the Superiority of the ES80 In-Ear Monitors

Immerse yourself in the exceptional auditory experience that the ES80 In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) have to offer. Crafted with precision, the ES80 IEMs are designed to elevate your musical journey to unparalleled heights.

Exquisite Sound Fidelity: The ES80 IEMs boast a neutral sound signature, characterized by a flatter response. This ensures that the audio is reproduced with utmost fidelity, staying true to the original recording. The absence of artificial coloration or enhancement means that you experience music the way the artists intended.

Tailored for Professionals: Whether you are a singer hitting the high notes, a guitarist strumming the strings, or an audio engineer mixing tracks, the ES80 is your perfect companion. Its impeccable sound reproduction and clarity make it an invaluable asset for professionals who demand nothing but the best.

Versatility at its Finest: The ES80 IEMs excel in versatility. Whether you are listening to pure mastered music in the studio or performing live on stage, the ES80 adapts effortlessly. Its ability to deliver rich, detailed soundscapes makes it ideal for both critical listening and energetic performances.

With the ES80 In-Ear Monitors, you don’t just listen to music; you live it. Experience the harmony of cutting-edge technology and unparalleled sound quality, and let the ES80 redefine your sonic adventures.


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Westone Audio ES80 Earphones