Westone Audio Pro X30 In-Ear Monitor


Westone Audio Pro X30 High-Performance Triple Driver Noise Isolating Musician in-Ear Monitors.

Our most popular In-Ear Musicians’ Monitor, the Pro X30 features three, proprietary balanced-armature drivers with a 3-way passive crossover, each driver was developed to increase sonic detail and clarity in a specific part of the frequency range. Designed for performing musicians.

The Pro X30 universal-fit in-ear monitors are a great choice for professional singers, musicians, vocalists, guitar players, keyboard players, drummers, and sound engineers.


Westone Audio Pro X30 In-Ear MonitorsDesigned for performing musicians, the Pro X30 has a soundstage that features powerful lows, articulate mid-range, and sparkling crystal-clear highs. With the performance, power, and output for any stage, from intimate venues to large arenas, the incredible sound of the Pro X30 will meet the demands of the most discerning musician and music lover alike.

The Pro X redefines and elevates the UM Series with more efficient sound channels that provide cleaner and better frequency responses with the most ergonomic fit in the industry.

Westone Audio’s proprietary silicone and comfort foam ear tips are provided in five different sizes to ensure a superb fit and provide superior noise isolation. Ambient sound levels are reduced an average of 25dB, making the Pro X30 the perfect choice for use on stage or other noisy environments. The Pro X30 is ideal for singers and music lovers looking for a balanced sound signature.

Pro X30 in-ears offer pristine clarity and incredible detail!

Key Features of the Pro X30 In-Ear Monitor

  • Three Balanced-Armature Drivers
  • 20 Hz to 18 kHz Frequency Response
  • 3-Way Passive Crossover
  • Precise Acoustic Symmetry
  • Ergonomic Technology
  • Linum Bax T2™ Detachable Cable
  • Comfortable Earpiece with Dynamic Sound


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Westone Audio Pro X30 In-Ear Monitor