About Westone

Westone Audio has long been a pioneer of premium in ear solutions. Westone Audio’s leadership position in the audio industry is validated through a rich history of “industry first innovations and decades of knowledge shared with its former hearing healthcare business. The Company has continued to strengthen its brand and core capabilities now as a Lucid Audio Company.

Nearly four decades ago Westone Audio began manufacturing custom earpieces and perfecting designs. Westone Audio designed the first stage monitors fueled by our passion for music and performance. Throughout the 1980s, we developed balanced armature drivers in custom earpieces for musicians, and “Walkman” style earbuds. The first custom in ear monitors were developed in collaboration with Rush and Def Leppard.

Over the next two decades more collaborations and innovations ultimately delivered the Universal Fit and Custom Fit earphones launching in 2002. Westone Audio began to offer the online customizer and new product lines, making high fidelity listening and custom products more accessible to all in 2013. The mission has been to create the most accurate listening experience for musicians and enthusiasts alike.

New product developments are underway, continuing the legacy of “industry firsts” since the acquisition of Lucid Audio in 2020. With a new state of the art customs lab, and an influx of resources, Westone Audio will continue to lead and evolve the universal and custom monitor industries. Read more details about our history with the timeline featured below. 


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