For Professional Musicians and serious Music lovers.

Performance Enhanced

PRO-X Series!

Never worry about blowing out the bass again.

We can handle it!


Handcrafted Custom Monitors

Fully custom earpieces.

Cast, sculpted and polished by hand

Custom Monitors Westone

Universal-Fit in-Ear Monitors

Maximum comfort and in-ear coupling

for dynamic transfer of sound.


Introducing the new MACH-Series

Westone Audio MACH series


Pacific Ears Australia brings you the very best, premium in-ear solutions.

If you’re after quality custom- and universal-fit monitors, we have a wide range of professional solutions for musicians and music-lovers alike.


Pacific Ears Australia is the official reseller of professional audio solutions. We only carry the best brands, hence Westone Audio solutions. Pacific Ears is an independent company that takes pride in our products and customer care.


Westone Audio is a world leader in the universal and custom monitor industry and continues to grow and evolve. You can find a wide range of Westone Audio in-ear monitors, earphones, and other audio products in our online shop. We offer custom series earphones, universal earphones and also a complete array of accessories. Please visit our shop for In-Ear Monitor and Earplug products.


We pride ourselves on our solid customer support. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need advice or can’t find what you’re looking for. Our customer-care team can provide you with professional help in choosing your next set of earplugs. We can be contacted via email or phone.

For Professional Musicians and Serious Music Lovers

Universal-fit earphones offer a solution for both music enthusiasts and musicians.

Handcrafted in-ear monitors are the convergence of technology and craftsmanship.

Westone accessories

Keep monitors and earphones performing at optimal levels with our cables and tips.


Westone Audio Custom and Ready-Fit In-Ear Monitors are specifically crafted for Musicians and Audio Connoisseurs who demand only the best.

Our focus is on Innovation, Design, and Sound Engineering to bring you the best sound experience possible.

There are other makers, but when it comes to quality sound solutions, Westone Audio products are in a league of their own. Westone Audio Monitors are designed by and for musicians. Our monitors are engineered for sound accuracy and provide sound signatures for all genres and music lovers. 

Our range of custom in-ear monitors are worn by well-know music icons and loyal patrons across the globe. They praise the way they fit and the sound signature. Using our products lets you hear music clearly and with depth—the way music should not only be heard, but experienced. It continues to captivate musicians, industry leaders and audio connoisseurs.


Our most popular Universal and Custom in-ear monitors. Loved by musicians. These are the highest rated products in our range.


Pro X30 Monitors


Our most popular In-Ear Musicians’ Monitor, the Pro X30 features three, proprietary balanced-armature drivers with a 3-way passive crossover, each driver was developed to increase sonic detail and clarity in a specific part of the frequency range. The Pro X30 Monitors are made by and for musicians.

ES40 Earphones


Westone Audio ES40 Elite Series Custom Fit Earphones deliver unparalleled audio quality. The ES40 IEM’s create superior sound reproduction and are great for when you're on stage. The custom-moulded monitors are comfortable to wear for longer periods and are ideal for performing Musicians/On-Stage Monitoring and personal listening. There's nothing that compares to a pair of ES40 custom-fitted Westone Audio earphones.

UM Pro 30 Earphones


Westone Audio UM Pro 30 Triple-Driver Universal-Fit In-Ear Musicians Monitors with Removable MMCX Audio Cable. 

The Westone Audio UM Pro30 IEM’s have an ergonomic design for a more comfortable fit and provide the user with smoothly balanced low-, mid-, and high-frequency audio. These are a great pair of in-ear headphones for on-stage personal monitoring.


Our extensive expertise and customer care will make sure that you get the right product for your sound situation!

Whether you are a professional musician or an avid music listener, we will match you with the right pair.

Love these over my previous earphones. Sounds great with crisp, well-balanced tones and more headroom before distortion. The longer foam pieces are comfortable and help create a good seal. Great quality earpieces and the cables are tough. No disappointments, only pleasant surprises. If you’re on the hunt for some solid earphones, I can recommend Westone Audio products!

David L.

Recently, I purchased the Westone Audio UM pro20’s. They are not cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for. The Pro 20 ear buds are high quality and deliver clear and balanced sound reproduction. It does this at any volume at a calibre many won’t even appreciate because they have become used to just “average” sound. My Pro’s have opened a whole new musical experience. Thanks, Westone!

Linda G.

Great product that is above expectations. I gladly give them 5 stars for the crystal clear highs without overwhelming the ears, solid bass response and good seal in ear. Westone Audio earphones are great quality and value. Recommended for sure!

Cynthia H.


Westone Audio products are manufactured and engineered for uncompromising sound, performance, and comfort.

For Seasoned and New Music Listeners

Quality products for seasoned and new music enthusiasts.

Our focus is on creating in-ear monitors and earpieces that converge performance, comfort, and sound. We strive to transcend industry standards. 

Westone Audio is the choice for seasoned and new music listeners, professional and beginning musicians. You can expect the best, uncompromising performance—a solid product that is and built for the stage and life. 

Let Westone Audio surprise you and prove to be the best sounding and most comfortable earphone you have ever experienced!


We are here for you, to help and assist with your purchase.

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